Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy weekend!

Yesterday was a busy one.  Raced around with Husband for a million errands.  Groceries, hardware store, Tim Horton's to cash in on our first winning coffee with Roll Up the Rim and a quick dash into the thrift store.  Not much in the thrift store.  A bit of fabric and a coveted Vintage Pyrex fridgie for Mum.  We had to get home quickly after all the errands because Mum and my Grampa were coming for lunch.

Lot's of visiting yesterday but not much sewing except some hand quilting on the French Roses quilt.  Today was sewing day.  Husband and I tackled the income taxes first.  And yes, we are still married.  Doing income taxes and moving furniture are way up there on my least favourite things to do list.  I figure that if Husband and I can manage that and still be married, we should be good for the long haul!

In sewing land, I prepared the back for the new couch quilt.  Spray basted it.  It was a breeze this time.  I checked out this tutorial over at Film in the Fridge for some hints and bing, bang, boom, I had that quilt stuck together in no time and I still have lots of stuff left in the can!

I didn't feel like quilting it today though so started on the next WIP.  I am using a bunch of retro feedsack type prints from my LQS's by the pound sale last August and this recipe from the Moda Bakeshop with a few tweaks.  Rather than have a red square in the corner, I am using yellow.  Husband didn't like the idea of the red square with the prints that I am using.  I have to say I agree with him.  So far, I have 23 of 41 blocks made.  I found it easiest to chain piece the blocks in stages.  Pretty snazzy!

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