Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday finally...

There are several things that made me very, very happy today.  Ducks landed in our pond.  That was the first happy thing.  Husband dug the pond out last summer.  He really just helped mother nature by creating a place for all the water to be in the low area of the field.  It was a lot of work.  And while we have had frogs and blue herons visiting, today was the first day we actually saw ducks landing with a splash and then spending some quality time doing duck things in the pond.  Nice!

Second happy thing.  Mum went thrift storing with me.  Totally fun.  Husband was bored however.  Even with a coffee.

Third happy thing.  Son and his lovely girlfriend came out for lunch.  Brought me some Mexican vanilla.  Awesome gift!!!!!  Brought Husband a snazzy wooden toy with pecking chickens.  He is in heaven.  Son and girlfriend just got back from Mexico.

Next happy thing.  One of my school families left Canada to return to Japan.  They were scheduled to arrive in Japan at about the time of the earthquake.  I sent an email and got a reply this morning.  They are all fine.  Tired and stuck in Tokyo but cannot return yet to their home as there is no power, water, etc.  They do not believe there is much damage to the buildings in their town.  How lucky is that when they were sooooo close to the epicentre?????

Another happy thing.  My sewing machine was just serviced a few weeks ago but it started squeaking big time again.  Argh!  I took it back this afternoon and they promised they would take care of it this afternoon.  Mum and I left it there and had some more thrift store fun.  Went to a quilt shop.  And then finally my sewing machine was ready for pick up.  It sounds absolutely delightful now.  And while we were waiting for him to put it all back together, I just happened to be looking at this...

The lady at the store said I could take it home today.  I said Husband would kill me.  She said I could take it home today and not pay a thing!!!!  Of course, I could hear the subtext.  This is what she was really saying.  "Take it home today and pay nothing.  Tomorrow pay buckets of money."  I took a brochure home to dream about.

Final happy thing.  On the way home, Mum and I decided we needed to de-stress with a stop a my fabulous local quilt store.  Buy one get one free bolt ends and a Sherbet Pips charm pack.  Happy times! It just feels good visiting this store.  It is just so pretty.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend filled with your own happy things!

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