Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring flowers...

With all my talk about the lovely purple surprise in the back flower beds, I did not have a picture to show.  Husband took some photos for me today.  These little beauties are just trying so hard to yell, "SPRING!"  There are other definite signs of spring out and about the farm.  The wild ducks that live over at the big pond are obviously up to something.  I would guess it is serious twitter-pated nest building, duck lovefest but it is, in reality, a whole lot of quacking.  Serious quacking!

And some artful miniature flower arranging.  I only picked one (because I feel guilty picking more when they are trying so hard!) and paired the bloom with some Japonica branches.  I am hopeful that they will bloom inside.  You can see the swollen flower buds on the branches.

My favourite moment of the day has to be when a small Kindergarten girl told me that I was a pretty princess.  Made my day and put a little skip in my step.  It isn't every day that someone tells you something like that!  Happy Tuesday!

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