Saturday, March 26, 2011

The world is waking up

Spring is waking up the big woods.  The skunk cabbage (just such an unfortunate name for a lovely plant!)  is poking up everywhere and starting to flower.  Apparently the First Nations used to eat the roots of this plant or something.  One of my friends told me that she tried it was seriously awful.  She said it just about burned her mouth off.  I shouldn't find this so funny but I just do.  We think that this plant requires long and careful cooking to remove the bitterness perhaps.  So if stuck in the big woods and hungry... note to self, give plenty of time to cook your skunk cabbage.  Here is the funny thing too.  Bears apparently like to eat this wonderful treat.  I think this must mean that the bears will soon be awake and looking for lunch.

Perfect place for froggies!

And more lovely skunk cabbage.  And we never notice the smell of these.  I think that they might smell skunky under certain conditions but we don't notice it.  Thankfully.

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