Friday, March 18, 2011

my stitch ripper is my friend... well sort of

Blast.  There I was.  Happy as a cupcake, thinking that I had successfully sewn my feedsack print log cabin block quilt top together.  All that was left was sewing the borders and then the top would have been complete.  I put it up on the clothesline to take a picture to show the progress and noticed a boo boo.  I must have been sidetracked when daughter phoned.  Or rushing because I knew I still needed to do my exercise or something.  So tonight I will sit with my stitch ripper and unpick several rows that somehow got turned around so that the little yellow squares are not in the right orientation.  BLAH!!!
Can you see the yellow squares that are in the wrong place?
There is a moral in this story.  Sure there is.  Something about a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. Or something equally annoying.  Oh... I like this one.  "A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."  George Bernard Shaw.  So I will spend some honourable time with my stitch ripper this evening.  


  1. ahhh I hate when that happens, you get all happy because you finished it and you look at it and see a mistake. It looks great though, I love the colours!

  2. well, at least you noticed it before you basted it or worse, quilted it!