Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am delivering this quilt tomorrow so I think it is safe to show the label.  Especially since I know what my dear friend Sue is going to be up to this evening.  Yep, we are going to see the movie "Bad Teacher."  Pretty funny as we are both principals.  Our other friend thinks it is a hilarious idea to go to this movie with 2 principals.  The movie looks absolutely hilarious and I have to say that I have great teachers on my staff!

I made this quilt for Sue.  2 years ago, she was appointed my vice-principal and we became great friends.  Sue is going off to be principal at her own school and I felt that a quilt would be just the ticket to say how much I have enjoyed these years and how much I value her as a friend and as a colleague.  So... snuggle up Sue with some Fresh Flowers for you!

You can scroll down to yesterday's post for all the details about fabric and pattern, if you are burning with curiosity!

And some real fresh flowers blooming today in the garden.

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  1. Nice and fresh:) Love all the colors and personalization in the label. She is going to adore it.

    Your roses are beauties.