Monday, July 25, 2011

Being Mature...

I have this lurking project on the back burner.  The last thing on my official list for the Finish It Up Challenge.  Heavy sigh.  I am a bit annoyed with this quilt.  I started it as a decoy quilt when I was making Daughter's Sunflower quilt.  I needed a project to work on and blog about so that she would not suspect I was making something for her.  A little convoluted.  Totally sneaky.  I am using a Figtree Quilts pattern called Clovers.  The block is also called card tricks.  I missed one critical little step when I was making the initial blocks.  I failed to trim each little block to 4.5".  I was soooooooooo frustrated with how the blocks were going together.  I was ready to pitch the whole works and never look at it again but I pulled it out today.  Wrapped my brain around the block and layout.  Trimmed the wee blocks to the required 4.5".  Man.  What a difference.  The blocks went together like nothing else.  I am now not frustrated.  I trimmed the blocks I had already made so that the blocks are all the same finished size and I am now well on my way to getting this quilt off my list.  I feel so mature.

On the farming front. Raspberries picked.  Did not fall in the ditch.  Finished picking black currants but have not made the jam.  Weeded several flower beds.  Helped Husband round up one of our new little chickens that keeps escaping the chicken run.  Husband has gone over the run so many times and cannot figure out where they are escaping.  Very sneaky.  Luckily they are easy to get back in!  Have a lovely Monday!


  1. Good girl for being mature - the block looks pretty so i am sure thequilt will too! The flower is gorgeous! Raspberries, black currants - all I can say is YUM! Naughty chicken! ha ha - must want some of the berries too!

  2. I truly love the concept of a "decoy quilt"!