Sunday, July 31, 2011

Card Tricks Two Ways

First of all, the flowers are blooming like crazy so picking a bunch for a friend was quite delightful.  I had them sitting on the counter ready to go as a hostess gift and Husband was searching all over for what was making the stink in the kitchen.  MEN!  I pointed out that I had picked flowers.  They did not stink.  They smelled like wonderful, perfumed flowers.  MEN!  I was playing whist with my card ladies this afternoon.  I adore playing whist.  We have been getting together now for about a year and are self taught whist players.  It involves an incredible amount of laughter but most importantly good fun while visiting and being silly and eating good food!

Card tricks also factored into the picture today another way, with me breaking out the gardening gloves and stippling my card tricks quilt.  I think this one will end up living at Mum's house.  She is quite taken with the colours.   I am quite happy with my stippling on this one.  It seems the more I do this, the more I am satisfied with what I feel it should look like.  Just like with whist, I am a self taught.  I did check out many free motion quilting tutorials on line, especially Crazy Mom and Oh Fransson's tutorials, but it really just involves a whole lot of practice.  I quilt all my quilts myself.  It is just what I do.


  1. Your flowers and your quilt are both very beautiful Cathy...

  2. your flowers are lovely and your quilt also. I use to play whist a long time ago not sure I would remember how.

  3. The flowers and quilt are both lovely! I always think that YOU are the main one who has to be happy with how your quilting looks. I think you did a great job!