Sunday, July 17, 2011

quilting and binding...and a magic bag

Yesterday I quilted my string quilt.  Then I made the binding, pinned the binding, sewed the binding to the quilt and hand sewed the binding.  Done.  Then I got out the magic bag and warmed it up because this quilt was such a big quilt by the time I finished with the quilting, I was a bit of a wreck.  What a workout!  But it is done and will be ready for the big unveiling tomorrow.

On the sewing front today?  I took it easy.  Husband and I went on a bit of an adventure to get some new chickens.  They are quite lovely.  7 sweet little 2 month old girlies.  More on that later.  The only quilting accomplished today was the choosing of colours for my next Farmer's Wife blocks.  After finishing the string quilt, I can now attest to the fact that you can put a whole mess of colours together in chaotic randomness and it still comes out looking like it was made to be and all on purpose.  With this in mind, I will try to relax when choosing the scraps to make my little blocks because in the end, it will all look like it should.

On the farming front, the raspberries are finally starting to ripen and we will most likely be picking the first batch by Tuesday. While our blueberries are not ready we did notice that farms at a lower elevation have blueberries starting to look blue.  There is hope.  We are easily 2 weeks late this season.  Yoiks. We are currently wealthy in  broccoli and parsley.  Right now it is a competition.  Who will win?  The ability of Husband to keep up with the tabouli making and thus the parsley crop or will the parsley win?  I have my money on the parsley!

And I leave you with a lovely photo of my magic bag.  : ) Happy Sunday!

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