Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thrifting Sunday and a new quilt start...

With my nasty summer cold, I was not up to my super shopping self yesterday and did not find too much at the thrift stores.  I did however, add, yet again, to my ever growing pile of vintage sheets.  Spending a grand sum of $1.25 for 2 pillowcases in purples.  I also picked up 2 sheets and a pillowcase at another thrift store for cheap.  And if you noticed, one of the sheets is still in its original package.  With our super sleuthing, Husband and I would date that sheet to the mid 1970s.

I did start a new quilt.  I faithfully worked on my to do list for the Finish Up challenge too.  I made 6 scrappy paper pieced string blocks.  I calculated I need 80 blocks in total and I am almost half way.  Erg!  But the new quilt is just fun.  Vintage sheets in the blue and purple family.  Not using a pattern.  I am going to randomly place 8.5" star blocks with 8.5" squares of sheets.  I think it will look GREAT!  Today I made the 14 little star blocks. I used my handy dandy flying geese quilt in a day ruler for perfect points!  Sounds like a advertisement!  But it works!

And you know your quilting obsession is catching when Daughter's special someone gets excited when he spies a quilt shop on their long weekend camping trip and tries to get Daughter to pose in front of the shop to show me.  Too funny!!!!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway.  I will pick a winner on Tuesday evening.  So exciting!

I will be linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.  Check out all the other lovely finds....


  1. Hmmm I wonder if there are many vintage sheets in the thrift stores over here - will have to have a look. Love the stars! And photographed in the tree canopy - very pretty. Cute store about daughter's special someone! Was she impressed or embarressed?

  2. I love how you have photographed the quilt squares! I never thought to use vintage sheets for quilting; what a cool idea! You have found some fabulous vintage sheets.

  3. Love those retro sheets - colours are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

  4. i am impressed with the effect of those bluegreen patches in the foliage. they are complimentary!!!