Friday, July 15, 2011

Finish it up Challenge- Week 4 check in

Scrappy Paper Pieced String Quilt Top

Well.  Let's see.  I did have a quilt finish this week but it was not on my official list but I added it on and also added the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along!  I finished the blue vintage sheet quilt and I am up to date on the Famer's Wife with 14 blocks completed.  And as you can see above, I have completed the top for the string quilt, made entirely of scraps.  I am relieved that this is to this point because I was seriously tired of making these blocks and staring at scraps in a box.  I am planning to get this sandwiched and quilted in the next few days.  I will be most delighted to strike this one off the list!

My work in progress list includes...
1) Paper pieced scrappy string quilt  (now a quilt top!)
2)  Clovers or Card Tricks quilt
3)  Sparkling Cider Vintage Sheet Quilt
4)  Fresh Flowers Quilt (only just cut out!!!)   Now a quilt top!
5)  A hexie pillow cover

add ons to the list...

6) Vintage sheet quilt in blue
7) Farmer's Wife Quilt Along  (week 7-14 blocks finished and up to date)

Farmer's Wife Week 7

Blue vintage sheet quilt
So all in all, a good week!  Check out all the other finish ups over at Meg's and have a super weekend!


  1. I love your string top. This is absolutely beautiful. This is on my list of quilts that I want to make. My job really gets in my way!

  2. I love your blue sheet quilt and I think your strip quilt was worth the effort! Great colours in both!

  3. Wow! You have made amazing progress! I have not quilted with sheets at all, so that really intrigues me. Love your string quilt!

  4. Love you scrappy quilt!!! I want to make one of these! I agree with Cherry, totally worth the effort!

  5. Love your string quilt top,it`s stunning!!I want to try any block next week.
    I haven´t quilt with sheets and looks very wonderful!!

    Happy quilting week!!