Friday, July 29, 2011

Week 6 Finish It Up Challenge and we have a quilt top!!!!

It is week 6 of the Finish It Up Challenge hosted by Meg!  Oh my goodness, I am that close, I can taste it!  Yes,  we have a quilt top and this just happens to be the very last official item on my list!!  High five!  Click heels in air!  I will take care of the back, the sandwich, the quilting and the binding this weekend.  This quilt has been like a bit of an albatross around my neck because it started life as my decoy quilt in May so that I had something to blog about while making a gift quilt.  Then I realized that the blocks just were not cooperating.  Then I realized it was because I messed up in not trimming the little squares during construction.  ARGH!  So here we are.  It looks pretty good but to me, I can see wonkiness.  I am going to celebrate that and just love it because it is such darn pretty fabric.  So here is my sneak peak on my wonk-tastic card tricks or Clovers quilt.  To hear more about wonk, take time to check out this post over at wienerdog tricks.

Here is my list...

My work in progress list includes...
1) Paper pieced scrappy string quilt 
2)  Clovers or Card Tricks quilt ( now a quilt top!!!!!)
3)  Sparkling Cider Vintage Sheet Quilt
4)  Fresh Flowers Quilt (only just cut out!!!)   Now a quilt top!
5)  A hexie pillow cover

add ons to the list...

6) Vintage sheet quilt in blue
7) Farmer's Wife Quilt Along  (week 9-20 blocks finished and ahead by 2 blocks)
8) Doll quilt and pillow for Mum's donation

I will be linking this up with the the other Finish it up quilters over at Meg's!  Check out the great finishes for the week!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow! Cathy- you have done so well! I am impressed!