Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along Week 6

 Block #7 Birds in the Air

 Block #61 Northern Lights

 Block #19 Checkerboard

Block # 71 Puss in the Corner

 Block # 21 Contrary Wife

 Box #9 Box
Playing nicely together

It makes such a difference to the speed at which I get things done now that I am on holidays!  I was quite behind with my blocks for this snazzy quilt along but I may even be a bit ahead of the game now with 14 blocks.  This is officially my 6 week post and I tackled some blocks with itty bitty little pieces. Yoiks!  The #7 Block, Birds in the Air took me a long time!  Seriously finicky but I felt very mature as I had been avoiding blocks with this many pieces.  When you see that you need to cut out 24 little triangles in one colour and 12 of another, you tend to run away screaming. Or at least I do! I continue to use bits and pieces of fabric and scraps of this and that.  Picked up a couple of fun scrap bags yesterday at the quilt shop over the way and that added some fun to the blocks.  I am using some of my fabulous thrift store Flea Market Fancy in a few of the blocks.  I have also uploaded some pictures to Flickr for the very first time for the quilt along!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I love the colors you have used.

  2. Mmmm more yummy blocks - great fabric choices

  3. oooooooooooooo. I love these blocks! Hurray for making quilts out of Actual Scraps. High five.