Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did someone say rain?

Good grief!  It has poured today.  Never mind that, the Fraser River is at flood stage which is most strange for this time of year but it has been a strange year.  What does one do when it pours?  I spent the day in what Husband is referring to as my quilting catacombs.  Yes, I quilt downstairs but it is far from catacomb-like!  So HUGE progress today.  I completed all 80!  Yes, all 80 paper pieced scrappy string blocks.  Wahoo!  I am really sick of making them .  It will be a frosty Friday before I decide to make another one of these projects.  If I start one, somebody slap me!  The crazy thing is that the scrap box (which I just happened to notice, used to contain Tequila, and came to me from my mother's house.  What?)  does not seem to have diminished at all in scrap contents.  It still appears full and yet I have just made enough blocks for an 80" x 100" quilt!!!!!

 This box of scraps became...

 These messy blocks that are waiting to be pressed and trimmed.

 And created tiny little trimming scraps... what to do with these now?

And finally a stack of 80 blocks!!!!

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