Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flea Market Finds with Mum!

Mum's shabby chic stool=$5

Mum and I spent an awesome morning at her famous Kiwanis Market, several garage sales and some thrift stores.  It was a morning guaranteed to have driven Husband around the bend sideways but Mum and I had a blast.  We even punctuated all the thrifting with a stop at a fabulous gelato place.  Oh my goodness.  It was heavenly.  It is located in an old church of all things and the gelato and coffee were so good that they should be illegal.  Even the washroom was to die for.  Yes, I am serious.  

I have added a selection of our finds.  And this is a mixture of Mum stuff and my stuff.  Feast your eyes!

Sadler teapot, milk glass vase, Petal Ware creamer and assorted linens =$6

Pyrex large fridgie, 2 pyrex mugs=$2.50

Yep, can you believe Jadeite=$1.10

Mum found her marbles=$1

Vintage sheets!!!!!  some from Mum, some from the thrift store

Milk glass, a treat from Mum
Vintage sheets from Mum and the thrift store
Pyrex bowls, will go to Daughter, Mum found these for under $1 for all 3

Mum lives in a sweet little town in the Okanagan!  Great, cheap thrifting!  It was just so much fun and we are now seated on Mum's back deck, under a giant maple tree, with the warm afternoon breeze, about to have afternoon tea.  Happiness!

I will be linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds .  Check out all the other finds when the link is active!  Have a super Saturday!!!!  And for the first time, I will also link up with Apron Thrift Girl's thrift share Mondays!  Check it out!!!!



  1. Milk glass, pyrex and Jadeite? You scored. I had 4 bowls and my kids have managed to break 3! The great thing about thrift is the "oh well, it was only a buck" I can never get too mad. Love the sheets. I am addicted to vintage sheets.

  2. Sounds like you and your Mum had a lovely time Cathy and you found some wonderful treasure too.
    Gorgeous vintage sheets... I wonder what you're going to do with those...Ha-ha. My fave is the green retro looking one x

  3. Cathy, what a fabulous time you two had! Great bargains on your goodies. My favorites would be the embroidered linens and the milk glass. But what a fantastic price on the pyrex bowls! Way to go Mum!

  4. Great job on getting all that Pyrex so cheap! What are you going to do with all the sheets?

  5. love your sheets the best - ughh, gorgeous.

  6. love it all. sounds like a perfect day and what beautiful treasures.

  7. Wow those are some great finds, I love it! I also can't believe all three of those bowls cost less than $1. Extremely jealous.

  8. I am green with envy! Your stuff is unreal, especially the milk glass. I'm obsessed with finding milk glass at the moment but it's hard to come by. Well done!

  9. I love the pyrex and the green milk glass!

    --Bit of Butter

  10. WOW, what amazing deals on the jadite and pyrex! Definitely want to head for your neck of the woods when I visit BC! :)