Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunny Sunday...

I drove back home today with a van full of treasures.  Husband was hoping I would detour to the dump before coming home.  He is such a thrift store scrooge!  He was, however, most delighted with the giant box of cherries that I brought home.

While at Mum's, I busied my hands with dishcloth knitting.  I can knit a dishcloth in an evening while blabbing away or watching TV.  Husband says these are the best for washing dishes bar none.  Since he is the dishwasher in the house, I will take his word for it.  I cannot help but think about one of my teachers, whenever I knit a dishcloth.  She taught most of her grade three class to knit a dishcloth before Christmas.  The students then sold their completed dishcloths to their families for a $5 donation to the food bank.  It was a win win all around.  The children learned to knit.  The families got a great dishcloth and the food bank received donations.  How awesome!  Even the students who did not quite master knitting had a part in at least wrapping the cotton when it was time while an adult actually manipulated the needles.  This was referred to a co-knitting.  It works.  At the end of the school year, there was still knitting going on in her class.  I think she created a whole group of knitters single-handedly.  And that is a wonderful thing.

If you are interested in knitting up a dishcloth, all you need are a pair of needles, and some 100% cotton. It is readily available at any craft or department store.  I have my favourite dishcloth pattern, from one of my aunties,  here.  

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