Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dolly quilt!

I made a doll quilt last summer and Husband made a sweet little bed.  We then donated the whole shebang to a charity auction.  It was a great success.  Mum found a cute little doll bed at a garage sale and plans to give it a fresh coat of paint but... oh my goodness!  Wherever will she find dolly bedding for the cute little bed so she can donate the works to another silent auction for charity.  Today I whipped up a little dolly quilt and pillow.  Oh my goodness. This is just way too much fun!  I am waiting to hear from Mum for exact measurements and then I will make a little mattress pad for the complete well dressed doll bed.

SO... I pulled out a scrap bag bought awhile ago.  It was just perfect for this purpose.  I think it must be a new line-fabric samples.  Oh!  I just figured it out.  It is a just released fabric for Moda.  Amelia by Me and My Sisters.  I am just so trendy, I cannot stand it.  Anyway.  It is pretty fabric and I paired it with a pink solid and some dots tat I bought as a remnant.  Actually it was a free remnant because sometimes fabric stores just love giving away stuff if you buy something else.  I love fabric stores.

The quilt measures 16" by 24" .  I used 4.4" squares in a random mixed up layout.  Here is the fun part.  I sandwiched the quilt with batting and a solid pink flannelette.  Soft for dolly.   And quilted in the centre of each square, free motion flowers.  Ahhhh... so cute!  I was quite pleased with my flowers.  A scrappy binding from the same line and from the same scrap bag finishes it off.  I also put together a pillow and pillow case.

I think Mum will be pleased.  I am going to take it up to her tomorrow when I go for a visit.  Off to the Sunny Okanagan for a few days.  I will keep up with the blog from Mum's.  We will have to see what kind of trouble we can get it to together!

Have a super Wednesday and give a free motion flower a try sometime!  FUN!!!!  I am going to link this post up  with Fabric Story Tuesday next week!!!

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  1. Cute quilting. I have done the flowers before but they show up better on the plain backing.