Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farmer's Wife... is it already Week 9?

block # 40 Friendship Block

Block #39 Friendship

on the barn door

and on the barn door too

I made my Week 9 blocks this morning.  Cannot believe it is already Week 9 of this quilt along.  Husband was freezing broccoli, chopping up vast amounts of parsley for tabouli (the parsley is winning... he cannot keep ahead of it) and even made cookies.  I sewed.  I made a few more card tricks blocks and then the Farmer's Wife Blocks.  It is truly amazing how much easier the card tricks blocks are now that I actually read the directions!  I picked simple blocks for the Farmer's Wife this week.  I think this Farmer's wife was feeling a tad lazy in the tiny little pieces department.  : )

#39 Friendship and #40 Friendship Block.  I put my shoes on to go outside to take pictures of them.  Husband asked me what would happen if I saw a bear in the woods.  I told him that I would say...Hello!  After all, I made friendship blocks.  I did not, however, see a bear.

I did see some great finishes over at Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story.  I linked up with my doll quilt of last week.


  1. Wonderful blocks! Are you serious about a bear in the woods?

  2. I know week 9! I have to get some blocks done tomorrow or I am going to start to fall behind. Maybe I will pick some easy ones... Your blocks look great!

  3. I love how your Friendship(no. 39) block turned out. Very nice! I have been wanting to do card trick blocks, but have avoided them thus far... maybe I will 'man up' and take the plunge, LOL! I love the photos of the blocks on the barn door.
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva