Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodness Gracious Flea Market Fancy!!!

Husband and I were on a quest this afternoon chasing Daughter's birthday gift.  On our way, I needed to drop off a bunch of leftover lost and found from school at a thrift store.  Hmm.  Opportunity arises!  I suggested to Husband that I might like to run in and check for vintage sheets.  We were several towns over and at an unfamiliar thrift store.  In I went and not only did I totally score in the vintage sheet and pillowcase area but look at the pillowcase that was just waiting for me.  It looks like it has never been used and it has been lovingly made with Flea Market Fancy!!!!!!  Yep!  OMG!  My second Flea Market Fancy thrift store score! My first was way back when.  I will be spending this evening unpicking the seams and rescuing this lovely fabric from the fairly atrocious orange that it is attached to.

I will pick a giveaway winner later this evening!


  1. I'm sure you were squealing in the store when you found this, Cathy! Good find!!!!

  2. I would do a happy dance for sure if I came across fabric as gorgeous as this in an op-shop (thrift store)
    I am going to follow your blog Cathy...one of the reasons is to make sure I see what you make with this lovely piece of orange loveliness x