Monday, February 21, 2011

Dang! It's snowing!!

It was such a lovely sunny weekend that Husband and I raked and tidied a bunch of flower beds.  He manned the rake and I was on the wheel barrow.  We have a lot of flowers.  The elderly lady that we bought our place from had a lot of flower beds.  All perennials of course.  Even the barn is landscaped.  We didn't get all the beds done.  But took care of the flower beds around the house at least.  We discovered many brave crocuses blooming.  And now today it is snowing!  And Husband and I are both complaining of being stiff and sore from the gardening of yesterday.  The winter has made us soft!

Son and girlfriend came out from the big city (Vancouver) for lunch.  It was lovely to see them before they fly off for a holiday in Mexico.  Nice!

I had taken out a quilt for Son to take home.  My Gramma made quilts for her great-grandchildren.  I am not sure if she made one for each of them but she certainly got a good start on it.  We had Son's quilt at home, storing it for him.  Now that he is making a home with his lovely girlfriend, he took his quilt home with him.  He has always told us that it is our duty as his parents to store his stuff.  I don't know where he found that rule!  As a result, we still have his wooden chest filled with Lego, his Tonka trucks, his transformers etc. etc.    I am working on getting him to take something each time he comes out.

This is his quilt.  The fabrics in the squares are all lovely vintage fabrics.  I am so glad that each of my children have something from Gramma!

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  1. how luck is your son to have a quilt from his grandma. Such a tangible treasure!