Sunday, February 6, 2011

Work in progress status report

"Feeling Blue" quilt sneak peek
While husband was shouting at the TV, watching darts before the Superbowl started, I finished the "Feeling Blue" quilt top.  I must be getting somewhat clever in my old age because I actually remembered to mark the first block of each row with a masking tape label.  Row 1, square 1 etc.  I have learned that I sometimes mess up when sewing the rows together if I do not identify the order in some way.  After getting the whole thing together and it is a big one, 70"x 70", I did notice to same fabric touches but they are small and I am going to live with it.  This is after all a scrappy quilt.  (Notice how I am trying to convince myself and squash my inner OCD.)  I had been really focused on spreading out the centre squares so that there was lots of variation and also varying light and dark blocks so I missed the 2 tiny same touches.  I still need to add a border around the sewn together blocks because Mum wants the quilt to measure 75" x 75".

And about the shouting at the TV during darts.  First of all, who watches darts other than husband???? And secondly, daughter phoned while he was watching darts and all I had to say was, if you are lucky you may even hear your father yelling at darts.  Even her room-mates groaned.  They know what this sounds like.  But if it makes him happy, it's all good!  I think it is something like how I felt when I found my flea market fancy at the thrift store.  Maybe I should start shouting in happiness when using my new iron.  There's a thought!

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