Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up next

I puttered away with the hexagons last evening.  They really are quite addictive but I have also started thinking about the next project.  Since my sewing machine is in for a tune up, I can only piece not quilt with my old machine.  I was thinking of making  another couch quilt for the living room couch.  I have a stack of fabric in mind, all from stash.  An assortment of stuff, including some French General etc. etc.

And I am thinking of branching out a bit with the block.  I found this block pattern at quilter's cache and husband approved.  He likes things complicated.  I am not totally convinced but I am going to at least make one block to see.

On the home front, after living without drapes in the dining room and living room since last Thursday, I picked up the newly dry cleaned drapes today.  Husband quickly hung them.  We have big windows. We live in the country but at night, we have felt like we have been living in a country fish bowl!  Phew! The drapes do look lovely.

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