Friday, February 4, 2011

Sky fire...

 Dramatic or what?  Husband and I were talking just after I arrived home from work.  He looked out the dining room window to see that the sky was on fire.  It was incredible.  And the clouds were blowing across the forefront of the horizon as if the clouds were on different levels of the sky.  It was really something to see.  Incredible colours.  I ran out to the driveway to take a few pictures.  I am sure that this type of sky means something ominous about the weather that is to come.  The high fence that you see is the net around the golf course driving range that is over and across the way.

Husband is complimenting me on my photos of late.  I was not convinced that the pictures I took of the sky would turn out.  I used to take really bad pictures but I seem to be getting better.  Such a critic!  Thank goodness it's Friday.  A weekend of playing with fabric lies ahead of me and for husband... the superbowl!  Happy quilting!

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