Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's like the Friends episode...

I was messing around with a sample block for the new couch quilt.  I had printed out a pattern from Quilter's Cache for the Starflower block.  This all sounds perfectly normal.  I cut the pieces according to the directions.  Started piecing it together and right away noticed something.  OMG!  I had somehow got the page two of the Square and Points block instructions attached to page one of the Starflower block.  Just like when Rachel put the ground beef in the trifle for Thanksgiving desert because the recipe book's pages were stuck together.  You know the episode, right?  It was pretty funny.  Anyway... So block number one is Square and Points.  And block number two is Starflower.  Husband likes Square and Points but he just gets all caught up in which fabric he prefers and forgets to look at the block pattern.  I like the idea of the Starflower but my points are wonky!  Not perfect.  Needs practice.   Maybe I will do a combination of several blocks.

Block number one, by mistake...

And block number two, on purpose.
I also do not like the fabric choice with the plaid for this block.  Looks wonky but not good wonky.  Maybe I will throw it off the balcony for a seagull.  Isn't that what happened on Friends?

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