Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the love of buttons!

I am always looking for buttons.  This Saturday there were several button jars at my favourite thrift store and I examined the jars closely before choosing.  I looked for variety, age and size. This one fit the bill but once we got home, I was kicking myself for not picking up the other 2 jars because there were some very snazzy things in this jar.  Even Husband was picking up things and doing Google searches.  Really.  Husband was pawing through the button pile checking them out.  There was a token, that on one side said "Good for 5 cents in trade."  Google searches have the token dating from the early 1900s and selling for various prices, usaully around $10.  How cool is that?  And here they are out of the jar...

Lots of variety.  Some old shell buttons, leather and some that look like cork.  Cute little red rocking horses too!

But also these in a separate bag for 50 cents.  Lovely!

And some fabric...   Sunflowers!!!  Over a metre for $1.50.  Daughter loves sunflowers so this fabric will transform into something for her without a doubt.  The yellow stuff is actually a pair of really beautiful, cotton pillow shams- like new.  Lots of fabric there.

And some more fabric... Flannelette.  Pretty pink princesses.  A tiny pin cushion and some more vintage buttons.

And for more flea market finds check out Sophie's blog!


  1. love a button box
    & ain"t it just so exciting!
    the thrill of the hunt...


  2. Ooh such a super stash of buttons! I love those cream flower ones, lovely.
    Thanks for visiting me. x

  3. Wonderful finds - I love to pick up jars of buttons too - you never know what you'll find in there. I got my Momma's jar when she has a clearout of her sewing stash. It contained a brass button off my Grandfather's WWII Army jacket and my great grandfather's wedding band (she had forgotten she had stashed it there!)

  4. buttons galore! the white and red ones are ever so beautiful... as is the vintage card that comes with those red ones!

  5. Lovely buttons, very therapeutic to play with and arrange into little coloured piles (or is that just me?!)