Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here is the thing...

I took my sewing machine in for service.  They said two weeks.  I think that this is a long time to be without a sewing machine but what can you do?  I unhappily left my dear machine in the hands of the repair people.  I trusted them.  This week, my anticipation started to build because I knew that the two weeks is up on Saturday.  Happiness!  Delight!  Joy!  and yes, even wonder!  Will it be a magical experience to use my newly serviced machine?  Will I notice a big difference!?  How many quilt shops can I stop at on the way back from picking her up?  It is all just so exciting!!!!  But then I phoned the repair shop.  Just to check.  I asked politely and I mean very politely because I want them to be nice to my machine, "Will it be ready for pick up on Saturday, which will be the promised two weeks?"   And I waited, holding my breath.  Somehow I just knew that even with all this anticipation and barely suppressed excitement, the chances were great for disappointment.  And I was disappointed.  Heavy sigh.  Apparently they are just sooooo busy that  it won't be ready until at least next Wednesday!  OMG.  Honestly, sewing machine repair people need to think about the trauma that we go through without our machines!!!!!  I have read about similar separation anxiety on other quilt blogs with sewing machine service.  I know I am not alone.  I may need therapy.  Maybe a support group.

I have been working away at the hand quilting on my French Roses quilt.  My finger tips are showing the boo boos from the needle.  I wear a thimble on my underneath hand but I think I might tape up the ends of my thumb and index finger before I continue.  Such a whiner!

I am off to Books for Bedtime with our future Kindergarten students.  The primary teachers and I will spend a delightful hour with at least 25 four year olds decked out in their jammies, so that we can start to get to know them before next September.  Seriously, it is just way too much fun.  Happy Thursday!

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