Friday, February 25, 2011

Where do you sew?

I have noticed several bloggers showing their sewing spaces of late.  I spread out all over the place.  With just Husband and I at home, we have a lot of space to rattle around.  Husband made an absolutely massive, stunning harvest table for our downstairs summer kitchen.  It has become the place I sew even though my actual sewing table is in the spare room where most of my fabric lives.  The harvest table is so big that I can spread everything out and leave it out. I can have my sewing machine at one end of the table.  Cutting mat in the middle and piles of sewing stuff, fabric etc. at the other end.  It is just fabulous.  When I am quilting, the large table is great because I can spread the whole quilt across the table.  And I can leave my mess all over the place and its okay.

The table has a story.  Our farm is in an area of British Columbia where huge cedars grow.  The woods behind our house has huge cedars and also the massive stumps of trees cut down so many years before when the area was settled.  Our farm dates to the 1930s.  We have lovely small barn which has been built with planks of cedar that were most likely cut from trees from the property.  Husband took some of these massive planks from the stalls in the barn and transformed them into the harvest table.  The planks are thick, thick, thick and the table would be the place I would shelter under in case of an earthquake.  The chairs were a Craigslist purchase.  By the time we get around to changing the flooring downstairs, it will probably be a retro trend.  Or at least I can hope!

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  1. Love love love the history behind your gorgeous table - that along would be enough to make we want to sew there, plus know that your husband made it. there is nothing so special as a piece that someone you love has made!