Sunday, February 13, 2011

On a Sunday...

So nursey student daughter arrived safely last evening with 2 friends in tow.  Her flat tire incident in the Fraser Canyon, turned into a near death experience in her mind anyway.  Only daughter could be so dramatic.  She whammed into several large boulders that had fallen off the cliffs in the canyon.  Her car limped home with the little Mickey Mouse spare tire.   Two new tires later, as tires are purchased in pairs,  all is well.

In between a trip to the mall with daughter and friend, I did work away on the current work in progress.  I was in HST chaos as you can see from this photo.

And this is how they are coming together.  I like it!

Finally, there is a new recipe at the Moda Bakeshop and a give away at the the baker's blog, Lily's Quilts!  Check it out!  The quilt is Hexagon Park, and the give away is a Sherbet Pips layer cake.  Life cannot get better!

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