Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have a UFO.  This was actually the first quilt I put together last May when I started quilting again but it is yet unfinished.  I know it is because I am hand quilting it and I am a little ADHD with that.  I have not been working at it because I got a little bored with it.  I also got onto a knitting kick and that took up my evening handwork time.  And I got on the hexie wagon but then I picked it up the other day and thought, okay, this isn't too bad.  I just have to do it!  I really love this pattern.  It is "French Roses" by Heather French and it is soft edge applique.  Super easy to put together.  I could have machine quilted it being careful not to quilt down the soft edges but I put this together before I was brave enough to try machine quilting.  I used soft dusty romantic prints.  I was going for that soft, romantic, aged look but my fabulous local quilt shop put it together with brights and it looked lovely too!

Totally scrappy. I can hardly wait to throw it in the wash to get all fuzzed and crinkled.

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