Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilting the blue beast on a snowy day

We woke up this morning to a whack of snow.  It was just last weekend when Husband and I were raking flower beds and now we are right back into full bore winter.  Crazy!  Webster thought it was too much fun.  And then I got down to quilting the blue beast for Mum.  I am calling it that because it is just so darn big.  I know it is at least 75" x 75" and is the biggest quilt I have made to date.

Me quilting the blue beast.  Too bad you cannot see my whacky gardening gloved hands!

I used spray baste for the first time.  That was interesting.  Let's just say I learned a lot with this first attempt.   And let's just say that after I had the batting connected to the quilt top
and having hollered for Husband to come and help
and after having a mild panic attack
and after crawling all over the kitchen floor with the dog looking at me strangely
and after Husband made many supportive comments...

I did a much better and calmer job of attaching the batting and top to the quilt back.  I now know this.  Only spray a small bit at a time.  Start with the batting on the floor and the quilt back rolled up smoothly. Spray the width of the batting, about a foot at a time.  Unroll the quilt bottom onto the sprayed section and work your way spraying and unrolling until all is smooth and attached.  Do the same for the top.  My LQS lady also advised me to leave the quilt with the spray baste for about an hour before beginning to quilt.  So I did that.  And what can I say.  I have finished quilting the beast.  I have NO wrinkles on the front or back.  I used NO pins in the entire process.  I am a convert to spray baste.  I LOVE IT!

This evening while watching the Oscars, I will complete the binding and a work in progress will magically transform into a completed quilt!  Woohoo!


  1. Wish you had made a video tutorial of the whole spray basting process - sounds like it would have been worth watching! Hee Hee. happy stitching!

  2. oh you have made me want to try it. Do you know what brand you used? I hate pinning.