Monday, February 18, 2013

More Modern Scrappy Bits...

Oh my!  More scraps.  I was stalking my partner for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap and I pulled a bunch of scraps that I thought might work but I didn't hear anything from my partner so I thought I would try again and see if these scraps might catch the eye of the intended.  There is a whack of stuff with some Basic Grey, Oh Deer, Secret Garden, Joel Dewberry, Madrona Road, Type and I even put some Kona Ash in there just for fun so I hope this catches my partner's eye!

Then I received this in the mail from the lovely Cynthia!  A special Cynthia designed post card!!!!  And if you pop over to Cynthia's blog, you will see the amazing art piece she just finished.  It is stunning.  You have to see it.

So there.  Have a lovely day.


  1. I wish it were me - lots of great looking bits and pieces in there!

    I am lucky this time to have a very vocal swap partner (I haven't had in the previous rounds, not at all) so I think it'll be a lot easier than in previous swaps. (And she's responded favourably to my work in progress shot, so that's a very good thing!)

  2. Heehee!! Thank you so much Cathy!!! :D

  3. I really like your scraps there!

  4. I am having the same problem. All we can do is try, by the way you have very lovely scraps! Cynthia's card is so nice I have mine by my machine. Her tree's look like they should be in a gallery they are so stunning.

  5. I still have something to mail to you!