Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is on the design wall? Not much!

I need to do something with all these scraps.  And this is only 6 of the bins.  There are so many more.  Eeek!  Each time I start something I just end up making more scraps.  They are like bunnies!

I spent a lot of time this weekend quilting my broken diamonds quilt, then impatiently waiting for the power to come back on during a 3 hour power outage, gardening, taking a Sunday drive to a nursery, buying a tree, planting a tree and finally, I made one Road to Fortune block.  Because I can use scraps.  Not only can I use  lots of colourful scraps but I can use white scraps too.  I have a bin of just white scraps too.  They need serious attention!

The design wall looks a little empty but I finished quilting a quilt, dealt with grass over taking a flower bed and divided a bunch of irises.  As well as a helping Husband with the tree.  All in all, I did get a lot done.

This is the February block in "That Stash Bee".  I already made my bee blocks and mailed them off but this block was a lot of fun so I am making more of them.  The block takes a a lot of time  but they are really quite striking.  I am planning to make at least one block a week until I have enough for a quilt.  That's the plan.

I hope I am not making people still snowed under with all my gardening talk.  We have had a very mild winter on the west coast and we have snowdrops, crocuses, and primroses in bloom. The rhubarb is even poking out of the ground.  It is AMAZING!  But that also means I have to get my butt outside and deal with the flower beds.  Husband is in full early spring farming mode.  Hence the tree.  It was on his list.

What's on your design wall?  Linking up with Judy's Design Wall Monday!


  1. Those scraps do seem to multiply, don't they? Your block looks fabulous! You are right, they do take a bit of time, but I think they will make a fantastic quilt!

  2. Lovely block, my problem at the moment is half square triangles that I have saved from making other things! I keep meaning to do something with them, but havent! We still have snow on the ground and its freezing:-( I can only dream of spring at the moment!

  3. Rhubarb?? I still have to wait a month for those pink buds to come up. Last year I bought a hardy blackberry bush because I miss them so much. Hope it survives! What a gorgeous block. Worth the effort : )

  4. Oh yes, the pull between inside and outside is especially difficult when the blue sky is out! Sounds like you had the perfect mix of outside and inside though, even if it was forced upon you with those darn power outages.