Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Stash!

Couple of things...  are you a no-reply blogger?

1)  I do love fabric.  Today Husband and I ventured forth to the big city.  We hit Ikea and then went even further to 15th and Fraser for a fabric fix at The Spool of Thread.  Seriously fun.  I found a few things and especially fun was finding some good stuff in the 70% off bin.  Yippee!  I also picked up some of Julia Rothman's Type with an eye on an all Canadian text fabric swap organized by the Quilting Barbie!  And there is still some space!!!  I did get some of that crazy Ikea text print for quilt backs too.  So fun!

We also had a visit and a crazy lunch at the Lion's Den with clever son and his lovely girlfriend.  Nice!!!

2)  And my Zip It order arrived just in time for me to make something fabulous for my Modern Scrappy Bits swap partner!  Zip It is just way too much fun!

3)  I have been getting lots of lovely comments from people who are NO REPLY BLOGGERS!!!!  People! I always respond to comments.  Always!  So if you are not getting any replies from me, I am not being snobby or ignoring your lovely comments!  I just cannot get an email back to you.  Sorry!  Here is a link to how to fix the problem.


  1. Lovely additions! We're heading into same big city tomorrow, but not for fabric shopping - for the Cancucks super skills day at Rogers. :) We'll never afford to go to a game, so this is a fun compromise.

    Love the zippers soooo much - must place an order!

  2. I've been tempted to order from Zipit. How long did it take for the order to get to Canada? Great finds in the fabric department!

  3. I often comment (and rarely leave my email address, largely because I don't think most of what I say necessarily NEEDS to be responded to), but the whole no-reply blogger thing irritates the pants off me because I am NOT a no-reply blogger, I'm a wordpresser left out of things by blogger, who really needs to do one thing to solve the problem: require an email address for all the various OpenID-type comment sign ins.

    Maybe the quilting community needs to make a plan to bombard blogger with emails or.... whatever, I don't know how to contact blogger, to demand that they change things, because every time I get told I'm a no-reply blogger and given a helpful link to how to fix it, it makes me want to have a screaming fit in blogger's general direction. One screamy girl wouldn't make much difference, but the whole community worth? Maybe it would.


  4. Oh man! I was at spool of thread last weekend and wish I saw that label print! I ordered it from somewhere in the states today, but it would have been way better to get it in person.

  5. Love your purchases! The zippers are yummy!

  6. Lovely purchases! Makes me want to go shopping!