Monday, January 31, 2011

And another pillow... and another sunny day

I was really intrigued by the block Card tricks.  I tried it out for a pillow.  I used some Rouenneries by French General for Moda that I had along with some of Gramma's stash for the back and the border.  The pillow turned out well I think.  I used my walking felt and quilted straight lines in a square but I should have used 2 prints in the same colour family and not just the one print for the main part of the block.  You lose the card trick idea of the overlapping cards.  Or a print and a similar solid.  Next time I will know better.  I was not totally happy with my quilting but it is all about the process.  It is a little wonky.   All about the process.  But I am liking it in the rocking chair!

I have to say that the name of this block intrigued me because of my card ladies.  I play cards every few weeks with friends.  We play this crazy game of whist and it is just too much fun.  It is more about the friendship than the cards and we have a great time with lovely food and laughing.  A lot of laughing.  So I must get really expert at the card trick block because of my card ladies.

Check the amaryllis.  Pretty lovely.  A gift for winter solstice from a friend.

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