Monday, January 3, 2011

First blog entry!

Here it is the first ever... Having been  extremely interested in reading the great quilting blogs that I found last summer, I finally decided enough is enough, I have to do it too.  I was bitten by the quilting bug last March when visiting a quilt shop with my Mum.  It just took me a little while to get it altogether.  I started sewing again after a long, long time.  I cranked out some scrub tops for my nursey student daughter.  Then tackled the Amy Butler messenger bag.  Oh my goodness!  That was more like fabrication than sewing but she loves it so it's all good.  And then after a timid visit to an absolutely lovely quilt shop in the town next door, I bought a pattern.  Dug out my fabric stash from a million years ago and got busy.  Hmmm.  Then my sewing machine, a trusty old Kenmore, decided it was going to squeak.  It needed a trip for an overhaul.  I went into sewing machine withdrawal for 2 weeks.  Argh!  But then I got to thinking that I really should try free motion quilting if I was going to get serious.  I knew that there was a learning curve and the first thing I was going to need was the right kind of a foot.  Back to the sewing machine shop.  I tried it out and I was right.  Much practice required.  It looked terrible!  I checked out some blogs.  Checked out Oh! Fransson's ( free motion tutorial in quilt making basics.  Very helpful.  I decided that I needed to practice but not practice on something that was going to cost a lot of money.  Frugal?  Cheap?  Elizabeth Hartman's clothesline quilt pattern fit the bill.  Old sheets.  Thrift store.  And some of my stash.  First quilt completed.  The happy quilt.

Check out my feet!  Cathy

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