Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunny day!

After weeks of gloomy weather today was bright, clear and crisp.  I took a photo of yesterday's pillow.  I bought a bag of 2.5" wide scraps at the fabulous local quilt shop for $2.95 and they magically transformed themselves into this lovely pillow.  Rail fence.  Cut the strips to 4.5" and made the blocks.  Played with the layout a little bit, added the strip around the edge for a border.  The strip was in the bag too.  Stippled it in taupe.  Added a back, with a simple envelope closure.  Shazam, pillow!  

And while I was having fun with the sewing machine today, Husband was in the blueberry patch pruning.  He has been waiting for the rain to let up.

The yellow cord is not leading to some snazzy, electric blueberry bush pruner but the extension cord to Husband's ever present radio.  

Webster was helping with the pruning and then before I went back inside, I peeked into the big woods to see what was new... and it just looked lovely as always.  

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