Monday, January 17, 2011

tiny vintage doll quilt and some scraps...

Lots of blogs are talking about doll quilts and swaps right now.  I thought I might share one of my wee treasures.  I found this several years ago at a thrift shop and I had to take it home with me.  I popped a nickel on it to show the size.  It is a mere 30 cm square ( 12" square for those of you in non-metric lands!).  Probably from the 1930s judging from the colours and the prints.  And such a lovely little teeny tiny dresden plate pattern.  Wouldn't it make a lovely grown up quilt?

I was planning to take my sewing machine in for a tune up today after school.  I drove over to the next town to drop it off.  Good grief.  I left my quarter inch foot on and they need a zig zag foot in order to tune it up.  Do you think they had a foot they could just pop on it?  Not a chance.  They could have sold me one for $12.  Like I wanted to do that?!  I was not a happy quilter.  I brought my machine home with me and I think it will visit another place for its tune up.  So there.

On the way home I decided to get happy at my fabulous local quilt shop.  Picked up a lovely bag of Moda's Sugar Pop scraps!!!  What a cool deal!  And some other happy fabric came home with me too.  I felt better.   Of course I needed it all.

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