Saturday, January 15, 2011

The yellow is nice...

Did the shopping.  Got some veggies.  Stopped at the hardware store.  Husband says... What's next?  Thrift store, says I?  Husband gave me the look.  It's it time for fun, I said. I got another look.   In I went, straight for the fabric.  I did glance over to the collectibles and was momentarily caught by a lovely cake stand but to the fabric I went.  I picked up some lovely decorator weight fabric for pillows or bags and some very nice yellow cotton print.  I tried to see what the selvage said but they package it up in such a way that the selvage remains a mystery.  Big warning notices tell the curious shopper not to open the packages!!!!!  I followed the rules.  Paid my money.  Said no to a bag and off I went.  I told husband.  Got some nice fabric.  He said, the yellow is nice.  I said, I'm going to check the selvage.  He said, what's the selvage?  I said, the white part... OH  FLEA MARKET FANCY!!!!!!!!  I was giddy.  I was faint.  He thought I had lost my mind.  I tried to explain that there are blogs dedicated to this line of fabric and I had just found .85 metres of Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy at a thrift store!!!!!!!!  For $1.50!!!!!!!!!   Apparently my reaction was akin to having won the lottery.  I did win!  The fabric lottery!!!  There you go... thrift store score.

My giddiness was so extreme that I could not even focus at our next stop at one of the local quilt shop's customer appreciation sale.  I went into the store with a funny look on my face.  Wandered around and left with nothing!!!!!  How could anything compare to this?

Husband said, what will you do with it?  I actually admitted that I might just hoard it.        Happily.

The photos are a little fuzzy.  I think I was still shaking with glee.


  1. sooo jealous!!!! What a great thrift shop. You hsould show your husband this,

  2. That is too hilarious!!! Lucky you. I love to shop at thrift stores too but have never had a good fabric find like that.