Monday, January 24, 2011

More weekend finds...

With all the excitement of Mum's Abigail, I didn't have a chance to show off my finds of the weekend.  Nothing outstanding in the fabric department this weekend but I did find a really great reference book.  Husband was most impressed.  He guessed I paid about $10 for it but how wrong he was.  It was a mere $2.50.  More costly than Abigail though!

501 quilt blocks.  That will keep me busy!

I also found some buttons and trim.  I get a real kick out of the packaging.

 Notice how these buttons are guaranteed washable...  bonus!  And the rick rack is apparently boil proof!  Who knew?  The rick rack must be pre 1970s as it is still in feet not metres and who knows what era the snaps are from... with the hairstyle of the lady, maybe the 40s?

Love the pink and blue buttons!  Have a happy Monday!

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