Friday, January 14, 2011

The weekend is here!

So another week down.  We had the interruption of the snow part way through the week and the rains came.  And the rains came and the rains came.  Much of the snow has melted but the giant snowbanks still exist.  The teachers were so hoping that the rains would let up enough so that the children could get outside at lunch time.  A few were wet and mucky after lunch. One little guy looked like he had fallen in a mud puddle.  I said you look like you fell in a mud puddle.  He looked at me very seriously.  The eyebrows went together a bit and he said... I did.  Oops.

It's the weekend and the sewing machine awaits as there is not much on the agenda other than the prospect of a trip to the dump.  Very exciting let me tell you.  We are too far out in the country for garbage pick up.  Valentine's day last year,  we went to the dump.  Husband and I joked that we were on our Valentine's date.  Who goes to the dump on Valentine's day?

On the quilting side of things.  Baby quilt number one is completed.  Binding on.  Photo yet to be taken. Baby quilt two is next up.  Not yet sure what it will look like but some thoughts are percolating.  Daughter was a little surprised I was making baby quilts.  Baby quilts???  Mum, isn't that putting pressure on people????  I guess she is thinking I am hinting for grandchildren.  No worries.  No pressure.  ...Sometimes you just want to make baby quilts!  Happy weekend!

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  1. Hello!!! I saw your comment on cut to pieces! First of all I love the baby quilt, can't wait to see the girl version:) Second I too am from BC Canada, Vancouver to be exact and I order fabric online ALL the time. Probably a little to often. Don't be afraid there are sooo many great deals out there. Some of the fabric shops I like are: Fat Quarter Shop, Fabricworm, Green Fairy Quilts and Above All Fabric. I also really like etsy:) Anyways just thought I would share this with you sometimes I get fabric for $1.99 a yard!!! Yup that's right:) Oh also is good.

    Nice to meet you in the blog world I will keep coming back:)