Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I have baby girl quilt pin sandwiched and pin basted.  While watching the Golden Globes, I unpinned and ripped out 2 of the blocks because I noticed that I didn't like the placement of the blocks.  Good grief.  What a pain.  I could have left it but it would have bothered me.  Picking apart seams is so not fun but I didn't want to obsess about it later.  It seems that once you notice something on your quilt, that is all you can see.   Husband had not even noticed it and I rely on him to notice these things.  I always ask him about the binding choices.  He has a good eye for colour.  I don't always agree with him but I do ask him.  Husband thought I should bind the girl quilt with a dark red.  He thought that would make the colours in the quilt pop and also clearly identify the quilt as a child's quilt.  I didn't like the solid he liked but when I stopped at the fabulous local quilt store, I found the perfect thing.  From the It's a Hoot line by Momo for Moda.  (That sounds funny.)  Check out the picture.  I think it will look awesome.  I wouldn't have thought of that colour choice on my own.  I think I would have gone to a green.  Sorry about the photo but it was getting dark when I got home from school.

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