Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fabric and a visitor

First of all the visitor.  Hanging out at the pond for much of the day was this lovely fellow.

But about fabric.  We stopped for a bit at the fabulous local quilt shop this morning.  We had a list of errands including mailing a care package to nursey student daughter.  Husband made her cookies.  BIG cookies.  He claims the recipe was broken as the recipe said it would make some vast quantity and it made only a few dozen BIG cookies.  Anyway, fabric.  I picked up a few things on sale including the end of the bolt of Happy Butterfly from the Meadowsweet line.  Very cheerful.  And a wicked steal of a deal because it was the end of the bolt.  I had to get some more of the dots from Momo's It's a Hoot because I love, love, love it.  And a few other things.  Buy one get one fat quarters too.  Check out the pile.  Aren't those little blue owls cute?

And then I have a thrift store find from a few weeks ago.  Almost a metre of Yuwa-Ring My Bell for $1.25.  Kind of odd colours and who knows what to do with it but it was almost as if they paid me to take it!?  Any ideas anyone?

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