Friday, January 7, 2011

Doll quilt donation

I am almost up to date with my projects from 2010 and then I can start on this year!  So I had this thought.  A call went out for donations for a silent auction.  The school district's high school leadership kids were going to have a silent auction to raise money to put on a Christmas Dinner for the homeless.  I thought of making something.  I used this tutorial from Crazy Mom quilts.  Dolly bedding.  Fabric from my stash.  Then I hinted to husband that a doll bed would be so nice.  It's quilted with straight lines.  Made a little mattress pad and a pink flanelette nightgown.  Suggested again to husband that a doll bed would be so nice.  And so...

Cute or what?  The doll is my model.  And the best part of the whole story is that the doll quilt and little bed made $80 at the silent auction.  We already have an order for another for next Christmas.  The person who bought it wants to just donate $80 to the silent auction without having to go through the pressure and stress of winning the bid.  Too funny.  She has a second niece to gift it to.  I think we can manage that.

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