Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sewing obsessions...

I love all the stuff that goes along with sewing.  I have boxes and tins of lace and buttons and trim.  Mum looked in one of the boxes when she was visiting and saw a tangled mess of lace and ribbon.  She made a comment that was less than complimentary.  It was like she had done the white glove test only worse.  I felt chastened.  I felt bad.  After she went home, I spent an entire evening sorting and tidying my messy boxes of stuff.  Husband was horrified by the mess I made organizing it all.  Cat and dog even helped.  You know what that looked like.  These boxes are so organized now that it is scary.  When Mum was here for Christmas, I had to show her my tidy boxes of sewing stuff.  The lace is so tidy, the trim all organized.  I even have the tin of bias binding organized according to colour.  It is really lovely.  I think she was pleased.  Definitely impressed.  Weren't you, Mum?

One of my sewing obsessions is about sewing baskets.  I have several of them.  I have my Great Grandmother's sewing basket.  I remember loving it as a child.  Who wouldn't love it?  Look at the shape???

And then Mum brought me her sewing basket.  I keep all the vintage sewing notions that I find in this one.

Love the pale green interior.  And then there is my sewing basket.  I have had it since I was a little girl and have used since then.  It is a beauty.  Small and classic.  From the 60s.  With a lovely Dritz brand label inside.

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