Friday, January 21, 2011

Are you feeling blue?

My mum really likes blue.  I think it is fair to say it is her favourite colour.  She has been collecting blue fabrics over the years with the plan of making a blue quilt for herself.  Some of the fabric is new, but since she is the queen of recycling, some of the fabrics are from shirts and other stuff.  At Christmastime, she brought the pile to me and told me that I should make the quilt.  I think it will be the next project and this is what some of the pile looks like.  All lovely denim blue colours.  I am thinking of a modified log cabin block.  Pretty straightforward for straightforward fabrics.  I think there is even some flour sack cotton in the pile.  Third fabric from the top, white with a little blue flower.  Soft, and a little worn but with a whole lot of life left in it.  Sort of like my mum.

I started working on this post and was just in the midst of trying to upload this photo when dog came along.  Dog decided that he wanted to help with the post and shoved his toy on to the keyboard.  Crazy stuff happened.  It looked like he had actually managed to add something but he has to work on his computer skills.  Dog is Webster, a 3 year old Golden Retriever.  He is very silly.

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