Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thursday

Oh my goodness!  I love using these hair elastics for button loops but I can usually only find a small bundle of them at the dollar store and I had used up all my favourite colours.  I have been looking in every dollar store I am near for more and nothing!  Until the other day when I hit the mother lode.  Will you look at that!?  200 hair elastics in assorted colours and the correct thickness to offer happy button looping.  $2.25 each.  Woo hoo!  This will keep me in button loops for a long long time.

And look at the versatility in these fabulous packets of sewing happiness!  If bored I can play ball!  Life cannot get any better.

But wait... quilt guild is tonight and yes, life can get better than finding packets of hair elastics! 

Happy 10-11-12 day!

Linking up with Cindy for Random Thursday.


  1. While I was doing medical transcription today, I noticed that I kept typing 10-11-12 today! Stuff like that always makes me happy. but maybe not as happy as all those colorful hair elastics!

  2. Hair bobbles as button loops? That is a positively inspirational idea. Thank you!

  3. I have never seen them all rolled up in a ball in the package like that! Those things really are the best!

  4. Oh Kathy. I want to see these button loops!!