Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Squirrelling away fabric goodness

I went to a quilt show on the weekend.  It was a bit of a drive.  Husband was my quilt show buddy.  He is such a trooper.  He even went in with me.  Plugged into his iPod but he was there!  The quilts were quite lovely but much more traditional than my quilt happy place.  The vendors were fun.  How much happier can a quilter be to be told that if you pick out 10 fat quarters, you will get 2 free.  How could I resist?  And at only $1.99 a fat quarter, what a deal!

I also picked up a bundle of Kaffe Fasset fat quarters because I just seem to love those right now.  They were on sale and shouted, "Pick me, pick me."  So I did.  Husband said, "More fabric?"  Without a doubt. 

This particular quilt show had a lovely tea room set up in the middle school library where the show was located.  It was delightful.  An old fashioned tea party with lovely bone china cups and plates of dainty yummies on the table.  Husband and I had planned to have tea but when he noticed how girly the room was, he hesitated but I convinced him that we should have tea.  He was most afraid of losing his "man card".  The tea was awesome.  The lemon squares were the best.  Nothing like a tea party on a chilly fall day!


  1. Love the fabrics, Cathy! Esp. the dots. :) Sounds like a fun time with the hubby. Hope he came out with his man card intact. lol

  2. I am with you - I looove those Kaffe Fasset fat quarters! I can understand how they had to come home with you - they are gorgeous!

  3. So your hubby doesn't have to tell anyone where he was, or where he had tea. If he met someone there that he knew they would have to keep each other's secret, wouldn't they. (Mine treats me to lunch first - so he doesn't have to eat the tiny and expensive goodies at the show. He's a wiley coyote.)