Thursday, November 15, 2012

A few pillows!

These are the pillows that were all in a stack. (I have this funny feeling... that sentence sounds like the start of a children's book!)  They are complete and all buttoned up.  I was planning to be somewhat less ambitious and then decided to do buttonholes after all.  I have to say that my sewing machine makes awesome buttonholes.  I barely have to think about it.  Maybe just wave a little bit of a magic wand and all of a sudden the buttonholes are finished.  I also have a ton of buttons so it all seemed like a good idea.  You will notice the buttons are mostly unmatched and I like that.

Before I tell you about each pillow, I want to let you know that there is some exciting news at the bottom of this post and you need to read all the way to the bottom!!!  I am such a tease!

Pillow number one is a wonky wonky little star pillow with a home decor weight back.  It measures 18" by 18" and I used scraps.

Pillow number two is another scrap pillow with a home decor weight back in a grey canvas-type fabric.  Leftover from the Amy Butler Messenger bag that I made for my daughter a couple of years ago and she now tells me needs replacing.  I was inspired by  the "paintbox" pillow that I saw here.  This one is a 20" by 20" pillow.  The buttons do match on this one.

Pillow number three uses some stuff from my stash and then some scraps from the guild de-stash.    The solid is actually some natural unbleached cotton that my mum gave me and I think she bought it about 30 or so years ago in Montreal when she was visiting me when I was a student at McGill.  Ya.  That was a long time ago.  Now it is a pillow.  I had fun with the quilting.  It was fun to make.  Slash a square of fabric.  Add a strip.  Cut it up again and add another until you think it is done.  Fun!  The back is a combination of the natural cotton and some blue stuff.

There you have it.  Pillows times 3.  One more piece of exciting news.  Blogathon Canada starts right here on Monday.  Carol at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop sent me a picture of the giveaway that will happen right here.  YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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  1. I like the buttons it gives the pillow such a fun look. Job well done.

  2. These are all gorgeous. Except for 3, which if it's too hard to look at and you feel compelled to send it to me, I'd begrudgingly take it in, so as not to let it go to waste. ;-) (So lovely!!)

  3. They are all gorgeous Cathy...nice job!

  4. These are absolutely lovely! I love the way you made the closures on the back too!

  5. Love the star pillow and the really bright pillow. I have never made pillows (mostly because I am a guy and cant see the need of little silly pillows) But those just look amazing and I love them.

  6. Great pillows. I need to make a few pillows. maybe in the new year. I have Christmas on the brain.

  7. The starry one is my favorite, but they are all fabulous! I think I'm going to have a pillow-making fest come January.

  8. Cathy, thank you for letting us see your awesome pillow "fronts"