Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday...

Okay.  I know it is Tuesday but I had to go to the dentist today.  Then I thought that I should do my work in progress post today because who knows what will happen tomorrow.  Maybe like a bit of reward because I did not have any cavities.  Did I mention that going to the dentist is not a favoured activity?  I knew it was destined to be a dentist kind of a day today too because at least three children came to the office for tooth boxes to store their wee lost teeth in.  We don't usually get that many losing teeth in one day.  Anyway.

I was grateful that I had a long weekend to sew my brains out.  I was in craft sale production mode and cranked out table runners, bags and pillows.  My two on the go quilts took a backseat to my factory like production.

1)  Another Star quilt:  no progress.  I had great hopes but they did not come to pass.  Heavy sigh.

2)  Proverbial Sunshine quilt:  no progress.  I knew this one would be in waiting mode.  Top done.  Back not done.

3)  Sewing room reno:  Great progress!  I can take no credit for this.  It is all my husband's work but he is fantastic.  This is the corner of the sewing room that is now an official wee kitchen. I do all my canning downstairs in the sewing room and the stove and extra fridge used to just sort of float in space.  Now they don't!  And look at all that great storage!  Counters will come once he does the sink wall on the opposite side of the room.  So exciting.  Husband is now traveling around the room and is about to start on an entire wall of shelves for more of my sewing... hmm.... crap.

4)  Stack of pillows.  All made yesterday.  All waiting for buttons for the backs.  Yep.  I even did buttonholes.

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  1. The cushion covers are great! I love the variety of designs.

  2. You're so spoiled! It looks great!

  3. Cathy, this "wee kitchen" looks great, and I can't wait to see it all completed with your counters and sink. You are a lucky lady, and your husband is awesome to create this defined space for you.

    Your pillows look good, but would sure love to see some more pictures of the "fronts" of them. Buttons and buttonholes on the backs too, you are the best! Debbie

  4. Your extra kitchen and pillow look great. I too went to the dentist, no filling here too. I had put myself on the call me when you get a canalization. They called and asked if I could come in 2 hours.

  5. Great looking pillows and lucky you with the makeover to your sewing area.

  6. Pillows are nice but a motivated hubby is awesome!

  7. I married my husband instead of all those romantic hunks because he is the only one who started and finished a project, nothing is better than a finisher ;). Your pillows are intriguing, but I want to see the front!

  8. Your pillows are nice (and I am impressed that you bother with button holes), but how awesome that you can cook besides fabric! I'd get everything stained....:-(