Friday, November 16, 2012

It's in the mail...

My Scrappy Swap package is the mail!  Winging its way across the skies to my swap partner.  I hope she likes it!!!!  Truffle pigs and all!

And I have a sneak peak on my new wall of shelves.  I cannot believe how fabulous this will be.  There will be drawers as well.  Husband has measured my scrap boxes and other things and made the shelves to accommodate all my sewing junk.  He is amazing and I am spoiled.  The drawers are the right size for what I want to put in them.  Like thread.  Drawers for my thread.  Squeal!

Don't forget Blogathon Canada starts Monday!  Right here!  There will be an amazing giveaway!  Just saying!


  1. Oh my gosh! Amazing!! Your husband is very good to you- and it was so nice to meet him.

  2. Can you put your husband in the mail?! I've got terrible shelf envy:-)

  3. Oh my goodness, that is going to be such a fun wall! Truffle pigs and sea horses...too fun!

  4. What fabulous shelves/drawers you are going to have:very jealous. I sent my scrappy swap things off today too

  5. Your scrappy swap package looks amazing.
    My fingers are tightly crossed that it lands here.
    Your shelves are drooltastic. Please post more pics of them. I just showed hubby and there was a flicker in his eye like he might recreate them here for me.

  6. Is it sick that the sight of those shelves made me ecstatically happy for you and totally jealous?